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Supporting small to large-scale businesses  


We provide express courier services to any point in the Philippines. Under this service, we deliver documents and parcels from one place to another within the stipulated time.


This service, Powerbox has delivery drivers & rider available to pick up and drop your package even at your door step.


Satisfy your cravings and choose your best food options to be delivered right in front of your doorsteps without hassle.

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How powerbox works  


  • Download the app
  • Create an account
  • Purchase a Powerbox 


  • Book a delivery
  • Wait for rider / driver to pick up the box


  •  Delivers the item

                      Why CHOOSE us?
                      Your Preferred Logistics Partner  

                      SECURE TRANSPORTATION

                      You have nothing to worry about. We constantly monitor each shipment, so if it’s not delivered within the estimated time of arrival, you’re eligible for an instant re-ship or a full refund

                      FAST AND RISK FREE

                      We provide 100% risk-free tracked shipping on all orders worldwide, an automatic email is issued within 24 hours, containing a link to track your shipment in real time

                      long-term support

                      Dedicated to solving your operational needs, allowing you to focus on scaling your business

                      affordability and reliability

                      Cost-effective delivery arrangements for bulk delivery orders with good next day delivery rate.

                      OUR TRUSTED HARDWARE DEVICES

                      SUNMI V2 PRO

                      The first mobile POS terminal with a 5.45 ̎ HD display is ready for everyday use. The Sunmi in the V2 combines the slim design of the V2 Pro with the efficiency of the V1S. The result is a thin terminal for very reasonable price that will surprise its owners with its practical and utility features.

                      SUNMI P2 PRO

                      The P2 Pro is an all-in-one 5.99″ POS and smart payment device. It features an integrated 58mm receipt printer and the option of a 1D scanner, making it perfect for processing orders remotely.

                      The P2 Pro offers 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity so it is ideal for applications such as order taking, point of sale and public transportations.